Washington Post: Coalition of unlikely allies calls on state to break up utilities, deregulate energy

Nine organizations from across the ideological spectrum have formed an unlikely alliance to call for changes in the way Virginians get their electricity, including breaking up the state’s monopoly utilities and letting customers choose their power providers.

Former state attorney general Ken Cuccinelli (R), who now does work for the libertarian group FreedomWorks, and others from conservative or libertarian groups stood alongside representatives from left-leaning groups such as the Virginia Poverty Law Center on Tuesday to announce the creation of the Virginia Energy Reform Coalition.

The coalition highlights what a lightning rod the political power of Virginia’s electric utilities has become. Dominion Energy is the state’s largest power provider and its biggest corporate political donor, spreading its influence to both major parties and helping to write its own regulatory legislation. The smaller Appalachian Power has similar clout in the southwestern section of the state. Read more.