Cincinnati Enquirer: Ohio Gov. DeWine signs bill to bail out nuclear plants, slash renewable energy

Ohio has become the next state to bail out its nuclear plants with fees on ratepayers' electric bills. On Tuesday, Gov. Mike DeWine signed the controversial House Bill 6, which will add new fees to Ohioans' electric bills for two nuclear plants owned by the bankrupt FirstEnergy Solutions in northern Ohio.

Ohio lawmakers pitched the legislation as a cost-saver for ratepayers, saying they offset the new fee with cuts to incentives for renewable energy, such as wind and solar, and the elimination of fees used to push companies becoming more energy efficient in making and delivering energy by 2020.  

Lawmakers in the Ohio House of Representatives sent the bill to DeWine Tuesday afternoon with a narrow, 51-38 vote. The governor signed it shortly after.

“Our goal all along has been to save the nuclear plants, save the jobs but also to keep the cost of energy down for the ratepayer," DeWine told reporters Thursday. “I think House Bill 6 does that.”

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