Storage holds the key to unlocking more renewable energy


Energy Central looks at the opportunities for expanding renewable energy deployment through the growth of battery technology. The combination of more efficient storage and solar energy is changing the game for both utility scale, retail and home generation projects. Battery technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Batteries are getting smaller, more efficient, and more affordable, giving solar generators the ability to capture the sun’s energy for later use. Energy Central pulled some interesting data together on battery deployment rates and falling solar costs. Check it out at

EIA Utility Scale Solar.png

And for more information about the growth of storage, check out the Energy Information Administration’s outlook for utility scale storage capacity through 2023.

“As of March 2019, the total utility-scale battery storage power capacity planned to come online through 2023 is 1,623 MW. If these planned facilities come online as scheduled, total U.S. utility-scale battery storage power capacity would nearly triple by the end of 2023” - EIA.

Read more at EIA’s Today in Energy.