South Carolina Post & Courier: New elections of SC utility regulators could shake up commission

State lawmakers are seeking candidates for the S.C. Public Service Commission, setting the stage for a possible sea change on the board that decides how much utilities can charge for water, gas and electricity. 

The state House and Senate will accept applications for four of the seven seats on the utility commission from Sept. 16 to Oct. 11.

They’re looking for candidates with a bachelor’s degree and a background in law, energy, economics, accounting, engineering, water systems or consumer advocacy. 

The search for the next class of utility regulators comes at a critical juncture for the Public Service Commission.

The utility board is set to determine new rules for the state’s growing solar industry. It is facing criticism from Duke Energy over its handling of a recent rate hike request.

And it is likely to be tasked next year with another proposal from Dominion Energy to raise power bills in order to pay for several years of storm damage, infrastructure improvements and other operating costs. 

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