The Energy Choice Coalition is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization whose members support free-market competition in retail electricity markets. We engage policymakers and regulators across the country on the issue of electricity market design and the value of competition because we believe that every consumer should have the right to choose their energy service provider.

Competitive markets accelerate the adoption of new technologies and innovation better than the old 20th century model of utilities with a monopoly over the generation, sale, and delivery of electricity. That is why the Energy Choice Coalition is working to break down barriers that keep private-sector companies from competing and developing new and better energy solutions.

The Energy Choice Coalition works with our members and partners to advocate for policies that accelerate the transition to a 21st century electricity system and the adoption of clean, affordable, reliable energy sources. Our mission is to drive policy and market solutions that empower consumers, encourage market innovation, and unleash the power of competition to spur innovation and lower costs.

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“That monopolies are odious, contrary to the spirit of a free government, and the principles of commerce; and ought not to be suffered.”
— Maryland Declaration of Rights, Article 41