Nonprofit Relaunches Improved Online Resource Library

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 5.30.05 PM.png

Congratulations to on relaunch of its comprehensive online resource library about US energy policy and research. The library received a makeover and a new name and is now better than ever. The OurEnergyLibrary aggregates nearly 5,000 publicly available reports, white papers, journal articles, and studies on a broad variety of U.S. energy policy topics.

According to the nonprofit organization, the “OurEnergyLibrary provides a more defined focus than a simple Google search by limiting results to curated, professionally tagged publications, while excluding news articles, blog posts, and other extraneous content. It includes studies, reports, papers and other documents, and these resources are all free, publicly available, and produced by reputable organizations.”

Check it out at OurEnergyLibrary.