Shell's Silicon Ranch Corporation Launches Program Combining Clean Energy, Carbon Sequestration, Economic Revitalization

Silicon Ranch Corporation, the US solar platform for Shell, has launched Regenerative Energy, which combines clean electricity generation with carbon sequestration, ecosystem restoration, and rural economic revitalization.

To develop its Regenerative Energy program, Silicon Ranch has partnered with regenerative ranchers and local farmers to deploy holistic land-use practices on solar farms across the country. Adaptively-managed grazing animals, diverse native plants, pollinator habitat, and wildlife work together to revitalize soil, enhance biodiversity and resilient ecosystems, sequester carbon in the soil, and strengthen rural economies, the company said.

Silicon Ranch has begun implementing regenerative agriculture practices on operating projects in Colorado, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, with a plan to transition the balance of its portfolio over time. The company is integrating Regenerative Energy standards into designs for projects in its construction pipeline and is scheduled to bring more than one gigawatt of solar capacity online over the next three years.


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